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Blink New Releases

If you're curious about what's new in blink - and what's changed you're in the right place.

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Spring 2021

  • Repeat Transaction Manager

Blink users can now manage their repeat payments, which allows automated transactions.

  • Virtual Terminal Improvements

Blink users now have increased control over mandatory fields. Blink users can now decide if they want to process transactions with AVS or not.


  • PayLink URL Generator

The PayLink generator is used to create a link instead of sending it directly to the merchant. Allowing blink users to copy and paste the URL for a PayLink to be added to other methods of communication.


  • Personalized URL

Blink users now can further customize a URL, the customer can now see the merchants business name in our blink URL sent from a PayLink for added confidence of security.


  • Export Transaction History

The option to download your transaction history.


  • Resend E-mail Receipts

E-mail receipts can now be resent or printed off in the transaction history section.


  • Merchant Notification E-mail

We now have an area where a merchant can assign another email address(es) to the payment setting on blink -


  • Reactive blink page logo on VT and Pay link
    When a merchant selects a specific merchant account to process a payment, it will show that specific logo from the blink page and display on the customers email receipt and other correspondences.


  • My ‘Blink Page’ Facelift
    We have moved things around with the blink page feature. Merchants can logically go to a dedicated section for blink pages and amend their settings or add their banners and logos all in one area.

  • Transaction Re-Run now Live

Rerunning a transaction is helpful when a merchant has a repeat customer using the same card details. This allows the merchant to rerun a transaction for any amount using the same card information from that specific customer previous transaction.


This will save so much time for merchants re-entering card details for repeat customers.

  • Invoices are now LIVE

Blink users can now view all their invoices from Blink Payment on Blink. They can see if it has been paid or not and view their full invoice on Xero all on their blink account.


  • Improvement to Transaction History

We have improved the clarity of refunds for our merchants by showing if a sale has been fully refunded or partially refund. The use case would be if a customer has purchased many goods but only wants to return certain items, the merchant can then clearly see what was refunded for a specific transaction.

Also, if refund is actioned, the merchant can see ‘RF’ next to the state of the refunded transaction. Both the merchant and customer will receive an email confirmation of the refund when successfully processed.

  • Fully Refunded

  • Partially Refunded


  • Captured (RF)


  • Accepted (RF)

  • New Transaction History Filters 

For a more granular analysis of transactional data for merchants, we have added two more filters on the transaction history page.

The merchant will be able to select a ‘Transaction Method’ – Blink Page, VT or Pay Link and/or the ‘Status’ – Accepted, Captured or Declined.

This provides quick and easy data display of their payments and transactional behaviour.

  • Reporting + CSV upgrade

As well as the existing filters on the Reports page, we have added a filter for a specific merchant account (if a merchant has more than one), where merchants can retrieve data for a specific site or merchant ID.

The CSV report provides a full breakdown of all transactions in the below parameters –



Merchant ID

Card (last 4)



Customer Name

Customer Address

Customer Postcode

Customer Email

Card Scheme

Card Type

Payment Source

Auth Code





Transaction Type

Blink Unique Ref

Additional Payment Options

Pre-Auth, Verify & Delayed Capture

  • Pre-Auth:

Pre-Auth’s on Blink does not capture an amount in a customer’s bank account; it only checks the authenticity of a card and if a specific amount is immediately available in a customer’s bank account.

A merchant can then capture any amount up to 30 days from the pre-authorised transaction. It is just a reversed amount.


Commonly used in hospitality and ad-hoc invoicing businesses.


  • Verify: 

Verify is used to check the authenticity of a card only. Blink sends a £0.00 value to the issuer and depending on the response, the merchant knows that the card is authentic.

A merchant can then use the same card information for future transactions if necessary.


  • Delayed Capture:

Delayed Capture is for merchants who wish to ‘ring-fence’ a specific amount in a customer’s back account. At the point of sale, a merchant can delay processing the payment between 1 and 30 days, when the number of days has been reached, the amount will be processed.


Within that time period, a merchant has the option to capture the amount sooner, but the amount cannot be amended.


Common in businesses where payment is made upon delivery of goods or services but require confidence that a specific amount can be processed such as fuel delivery, car rental…etc.


  • Test Account Generator

Fully automated process of setting up a test account for a merchant interested in our platform


  • Customer Email on merchant receipt

Requested from a few merchants, we have now added a customer’s email on a merchant’s notification of payment.


  • Repeat Payment Manager


  • Currencies Upgrade


  • Bank Reconciliation (Elavon Integration)

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Winter 2020

  • Expanding PayLink delivery options
    The ability to send PayLink via e-mail and/ or SMS.
    Within the PayLink feature a tick box has been added to select which delivery option to use.

  • Optimization of Mobile View
    Optimization to improve user experience on mobile.


  • Useability of the Virtual Terminal was enhanced to allow a smoother user experience


  • Enhancements to Security
    Security updates to make the portal more secure for blink users.

  • Request a Feature.

We have a continuous feedback loop; Blink was created with our merchants in mind.

Blink users can now interact directly with your developers to suggest a feature.

  • Customization across the portal

Users can now brand their portal with their logo, all communication between a blink user and their customers can be customized with the users brand guidelines.


  • Launched the Customizer

The ability to further customize your blink page.

Allows merchants to add logos, banners, opening hours and more within the customise Blink page section.

  • Gift Aid is here! Charities can now have this option added to their blink page or PayLink and earn an extra 25p to each £1 donated when claimed from the HMRC.

What’s more, we have added a Gift Aid Transaction History Page for all donations where the donor has applied the Gift Aid to their payment.


  • Note for PayLinks

A reference comes as standard with PayLinks but a note is a more personalised message a merchant can add for their customer.


  • Enhanced URL’s

An enhanced URL allows a merchant to prepopulate specific fields within a blink page via the URL. What is more a merchant can amend the URL descriptors to match that of their software ie. Accounting – Xero, QuickBooks..etc.

  • Filter for Track PayLinks

Track PayLinks now has a filter option of date, status and to which blink3sixty user actual sent it.

  • Refunds

Merchant will have the capability to process refunds within the portal.

  • Customer Contact

This allows the customer to communicate with the merchant when they are on a blink page or PayLink.


  • Filter for Track PayLinks

Track PayLinks now has a filter option of date, status and to which blink user actual sent it.


  • Android App BETA version

With the launch of the blink app, blink users can now take payments on the go with a Muria M10 terminal


Scheduled Reporting

Within the Blink reporting, merchants can save a specific report which can be automated to be sent out during a specific time window, that can be programmed to daily, weekly or monthly.

Blink Page Customiser

Allows merchants to add logos, banners, opening hours and more within the My 360 feature.

Repeat Transaction Manager

Located within the transaction history, the Repeat Payments Manager will allow merchants to view all their recurring transactions set up previously or within Blink.

Bank Reconciliation (Elavon Integration)

Elavon merchants can now view all their transactions on Blink! Merchants can see all their batches from Elavon, and view MSC debits and chargebacks.

Invoices are now Live

View all their invoices on Blink. They can see if it has been paid or not and view their full invoice on Xero all on their blink account.



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