Episode 3

Safeguard Your Business: Fraud prevention and Cyber Security

June 13, 2024
25 mins

About this episode

Join us as we delve into payment fraud and cyber security. From phishing scams to response strategies, this podcast is jam-packed with great insights from industry expert Raphi Katz. If you're ready to take control of your financial future and stop payments fraud in its tracks, this one's for you.

Meet your hosts

Raphi Katz
IT and DevOps Manager at Blink

With years of experience in cyber security, Raphi has an in-depth understanding of the latest trends and threats related to payment fraud and cyber security. Raphi is tasked with ensuring our Blink systems are all up to date and protected to safeguard all sensitive information.

Joe Tallon
Partnership Manager at Blink

Joe is a payments expert, focusing on helping clients find the perfect solution to keep on top of their payments efficiently. Joe masters the ability to track and analyse partnership performance while identifying industry trends to provide data-driven recommendations aiding client growth with their payment operations.

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