Direct debit.

Direct debit.

You probably use direct debit in your personal banking all the time. So it’s easy to see why collecting regular payments from your customers via direct debit makes perfect sense.

Get paid on time, every time.

Start each month confidently, knowing that direct debit works well for you and your customers.

Improved cash flow

Direct debit ensures you receive customer payments on time, improving your cash flow.

Greater efficiency

By streamlining billing and payment, direct debit saves you time and resources.


Collect recurring customer payments automatically. No manual invoicing or payment tracking.

Customer protection.

The direct debit guarantee protects customers against unauthorised or incorrect payments.

Better budgeting.

Direct debit helps your customers in terms of budgeting as they know exactly how much money is coming out of their accounts and when. Your customers can use direct debit to spread the cost of major purchases over time. Plus obtain higher quality goods and services for a lower cost upfront. So everyone wins.

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