Taking payments online.

Taking payments online.

If you’re serious about succeeding in today’s marketplace, your business needs to be able to accept payments online. Trust Blink to help you turn this ability into your new super power.

24/7 convenience.

Making online payments possible through Blink keeps money flowing into your business. You can accept payments 24/7 regardless of your enterprise’s location and opening hours. Being able to pay online is also hassle-free for your customers, encourages them to view your business in a professional light, and builds loyalty.

Boost efficiency.

Free up your finance team. Save them from being swamped in invoices, taking payments and compiling reports. With Blink, it’s easy to reduce the time your team spends chasing payments and getting paid by accepting payments online. You also reduce the risk of human error when it comes to processing details correctly.

Be in control.

Offer your customers the option to use card, direct debit and open banking when paying for your goods and services online.

You can also set up multiple Blink pages to personalise the online payment experiences of your customers by sector. Consider embedded website checkout pages, hosted by Blink.

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