Reporting is key for any business, our tools provide you with the capability to manage, track, and reconcile your transactions effectively. Manage your financial information with ease and confidence.

Data you can trust.

Discover our robust reporting tools, that provide insight into all payment rails.

Recent Blink transactions

View, cancel or re-run transactions in real time and gain handy insight into your business’s daily cash flow.

Scheduled reporting

Customise reports and have them automatically sent to your inbox at chosen intervals, or simply export to CSV.

All card transactions

View the history, or search for a specific card transaction taken via Blink and all other integrated channels once processed.

Strategic insight.

Analyse trends and make informed decisions about what your next actions should be.

Performance data.

Get a clear indication of how your business is performing each month, financially.

Unlock the potential of your business data.

All our reports can help you achieve your corporate goals and growth ambitions by enabling you to make better-informed decisions.

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