Reduce time to get paid.

Reduce time to get paid.

No more waiting for funds to clear. Open banking with Blink is the new, seamless, mobile-first customer experience that provides instant settlement and gets you paid faster.

Cash flow is king.

Using open banking through Blink helps you avoid waiting for payments. Having the money there in your account when you need it enables you to meet the short and long-term goals of your business. 

Next-day funding is available for all your card payments with Blink.

Accurate budgeting.

Blink brings all of your payment processing needs together in one place – including multiple payment methods and customisable reports. This helps to streamline your accounting processes and get a much better view of your big financial picture. It’s the kind of control that allows you to budget accordingly and act on the information gathered.

Flag issues faster.

Open banking is a safe and secure way to process payments and data. Because the transactions process ‘bank-to-bank’, your customer and your business have full transparency regarding the movement of funds. Any discrepancies can be identified instantly and it reduces the risk of fraud.

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