Secure online payments processing.

Secure online payments processing.

Blink is e-commerce made easy for you and your business. We make it possible for you to accept online payments directly on your website.

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Because your website is your shop window.

Cost-effective and convenient, our online payment processing solutions are scalable and easy for your business to customise.

A smoother experience

Your customers have a seamless user experience when purchasing online.

Payment with confidence

Secure online payment protocols and encryption ensure your customer’s data is protected.

Online payment processing in a nutshell

Online payment processing in a nutshell.

Our payment gateways and iFrames are systems that allow you to accept online payments

Anytime, anywhere

Your customers can make purchases from wherever they are and on the device of their choice

Increased sales

Making it easy for customers to purchase online helps you grow sales and build your business

Multiple payment rails

Give your customers the payment options of open banking, credit cards and debit cards

Simple to install

iFrames can be embedded into your website via a simple <iframe> tag in your site’s HTML code

Increased credibility.

First impressions count. We all take our psychological cues from somewhere. So it follows that the ability to accept online payments not only increases customer confidence but also reinforces the feeling that your business is legitimate and trustworthy.

Accept online payments to increase credibility
Enhance customer experience with online payment processing

Enhanced customer experience.

Online payment processing opens your business to a vast majority of customers who appreciate the opportunity to shop 24/7. Blink payment pages allow your customers to enter their information directly on your website. The checkout experience is smooth and stress free – increasing the comfort factor they associate with your brand.

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