Payment links.

Payment links.

Payment links are a convenient feature that enhances customer confidence. You can send a unique link via SMS or email, and customers can easily make a payment using the link that directs them to a secure payment page.

Send payment link UI illustration

Customise to your brand.

Look even more professional in the eyes of your customers. With a Blink payment link you can customise the payment page to reflect your brand.

Automatic payment reminders

You can remind customers to pay by link as little or as often as you like.

Secure one-time-use links

Collect and accept payments faster by sending customers a unique payment link.

SMS and email.

Enter the customer’s details and amount,
 then send them a secure payment link via SMS and/or email.
Pay by link UI illustration

Payment ease.

The direct debit guarantee protects customers against unauthorised or incorrect payments.
Secure and unique payment links protect customers
Pre-authorise and verify transactions with payment links


Provide your product or service with confidence. Payment links can be used to pre-authorise or verify a customer transaction ahead of delivery.

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