Your virtual terminal.

Your virtual terminal.

Virtual means it’s just like having a card reader or terminal, anywhere, anytime. Take quick and easy card payments or direct debits over the phone.

Virtual terminal banner showcasing online payment processing

Over the phone payments.

Take card payments over the phone, wherever you go.

As if by magic

Transform your computer, smartphone or tablet into a terminal. Simply take payments by logging into Blink.

Secure customer card data

Blink virtual payment terminal technology is PCI level 1 compliant and runs direct checks with the card issuer on transactions to minimise the risk of fraud.

Manage recurring card payments

Give your customers the flexibility of splitting payments up over a period of time. Take repeat payments daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Different types of card payments over the phone

Types of payment.

Here's the selection of payment options available via our virtual terminal


Quick, one-off payments via card or direct debit

Fixed recurring

Set the amount and the frequency of payment

Variable recurring

Different amounts on selected dates

Anytime, anywhere.

Our virtual terminal gives you freedom and flexibility. Restaurants taking customer calls for takeaways, freelancers working from home, retailers, florists, plumbers, accountants… you name it, all types of businesses will benefit from the ability to take card payments over the phone.

Flexible payment processing anytime, anywhere with virtual payment terminal
Secure and GDPR compliant virtual payment terminal

Fraud prevention.

Our virtual payment terminal is secure and GDPR compliant. Customer details aren’t recorded on paper but are added directly into the system for processing. Once a payment has been made, a Blink unique reference is generated so that future transactions made by the same card can be re-run or set a schedule without the customer having to give their details again.

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