Blink pages.

Blink pages.

A Blink page is all you need to transform how you take payments. It’s a webpage, unique to your business that you use to collect payments.

Take your online customer experience to the next level.

Ready to use the instant you need them, Blink pages are a convenient and secure way for customers to pay online.

Customisable design

These dynamic pages adapt to customer devices and can feature your branding

Shareable links

Send a link to customers, supply a QR code or embed as website pages, these can be pre-filled or integrated into your system

Simply brilliant.

Each Blink page has a simple template for quick completion of transactions

Multiple rails

Give your customers the payment options of open banking, cards and direct debit

Gift aid friendly

Charities are able to accept gift aid via Blink pages, unlocking an extra 25%
of the donation

Openly flexible

Either prefill the amount on the Blink page for your customer or let them decide how much

Brand savvy

Manage and customise the fields you’d like to present to your customers to suit your brand

Get the funds faster.

Blink pages allow your customers to complete transactions quickly and efficiently, reducing the time it takes to get paid. They’re also your fast-track to eCommerce as you don’t need to have a website – saving you time and money. Although you can easily embed them into your website if you do.

Secure and easy.

Your customers fill in their own details with Blink pages, and we apply secure encryption to protect their financial data. It’s a process that feels safer than having financial information shared over the phone, and many customers prefer it. Adding the link to an invoice also provides greater convenience.

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