Card machines.

Card machines.

Use card machines to take fast, secure and convenient payments. A card machine will increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Card payment machine for all transactions

Convenience and flexibility.

Tap and go with a contactless card machine, it's the easiest, fastest, and most convenient payment method.

Be professional

Customers trust a business that accepts card payments.

Streamline your sales

With our card machines, you can make sales, refunds and pre-authorisations - all in one place.

Keep track

It's easy to monitor sales and reconcile accounts.

Take payments with contactless card machines or chip and pin

Reduce risk of fraud

With a contactless card machine, you can give your customers peace of mind by accepting face  to face payments, no need to share financial information, simply tap for contactless payment or use chip and pin.

Track payments.

Spend less time on admin and more time on the things you love, by tracking all your card transactions in one place.

Track payments with Blink card machines
Take contactless card machine payments anywhere

Go ahead, take payments anywhere.

We have the perfect card payment machine for your business, whether you're taking payments on the go, indoors or at the counter.

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