Request a payment.

Request a payment.

A Blink payment link is a handy, one-time-use link to a payment page that reflects your branding. The link can be sent directly to your customer via SMS and/or email – or simply add it to their invoice.

Automated reminders.

Blink paylinks save your finance team valuable time on admin. Friendly reminders requesting payments can be set up, fine-tuned to the frequency desired, and sent out to your customers via email or SMS. The reminders then stop automatically once the invoice has been paid. Job done!

Full visibility

It’s always nice to be kept in the loop. That’s why Blink paylinks are tracked so that you can view the status of each transaction.  It’s easy to see when the initial link was sent & by which user, whether the customer has opened it, and automated emails notify you when the transaction is complete.

Versatile and secure.

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