Get paid over the phone.

Get paid over the phone.

Get on with business. All you need is access to a web browser and our virtual terminal enables you to process card-not-present transactions over the phone.

In safe hands.

By checking the card details against AVS and CVV records — your (MOTO) transactions are being processed securely. With Blink you can tailor the level of security to your business needs.

All hands on deck.

Many hands make payments work. Unlike a physical card machine, multiple users can access our virtual terminal via the web and transact at the same time from their own device.

Taking payments over the phone.

No worries, with the virtual terminal option, you can login and complete the transaction without being by a physical card terminal. Ensuring your business is still moving despite your surroundings.

No IT integration or software installation is needed. So, you can keep your business moving even when you're out and about.

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