Preventing fraud.

Preventing fraud.

Security is a top priority. Blink helps keep you and your customers safe, and maintains trust, by providing industry-leading fraud prevention tools that reduce risk and limit chargebacks.

Secure bank to bank.

Open banking is a recent innovation in eCommerce. Your customer sends funds directly from their bank account to your business account. The entire process is cardless and no data needs to be keyed in by the customer. Providing further fraud protection, instant safe and secure payments are yours for the taking.

Secure ecommerce.

Blink pages and payment links give your business the ability to send out unique links that enable your customers to pay within a secure online environment. This reduces the risk of fraudulent chargebacks. Ideal for handling large payments, there’s also the opportunity for your business to brand pages increasing customer confidence.

3D Secure.

Blink supports 3D secure (3DS), a protocol that adds an extra layer of protection to online card transactions. With 3DS enabled, your customers are required to carry out MFA authentication. No payments go through unless authorised by the customer themselves, further reducing the risk of fraud.

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