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Recurring payments.

Recurring payments.

If you’re a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscriber, you already know what repeat payments are. Blinks helps you set up regular, customer-authorised bill or subscription payments in no time.


Automatically charged to your customer's preferred payment method on a regular basis, repeat payments are stress free to manage.

Neither you or your customer needs to manually process a payment whenever it’s due — so everyone saves valuable time. The risk of missed bill or subscription settlements is also reduced.


Repeat or recurring payments allow for flexibility. You can create a fixed schedule, where a set amount is taken for ‘x’ amount of cycles (£5 for four weeks, for example). Or you can have a variable schedule, where different amounts are scheduled for specific dates (such as £5 on 6 January and £10 on 12 January).

Customer retention

Making the payment process more convenient by using repeat payments can quickly transform satisfied customers into regular customers. Increased customer retention is definitely on the cards as customers are less likely to cancel their subscription or service if they’ve already agreed to a recurring payment.

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