Batch payments.

Batch payments.

Bring on the breakthroughs. Our batch payments feature allows you to process or request multiple transactions from multiple customers in just a few minutes using a simple CSV spreadsheet. Result.

Faster payments without hiccups.

Save time and avoid potential errors by reducing manual input

Privacy protocols

No card details are kept. Blink creates a unique token for each card used.

Built-in validation

Customer names are checked against their unique token and email data.

Why use batch payments?

They’re the most efficient way to process or request multiple payments in one go.

No limits

You can upload as many batch payments in one go

Monthly invoicing

Batch payments work in tandem with your monthly invoicing

Software savvy

Integrate batch payment files with your CRM, management or accounting software


Removes the process of manually charging or requesting individual payments


Batch payments give you the wiggle room to charge or request different customer amounts at any time. As a one-off, or every now and then. It’s a processing method that’s ideal for businesses that regularly take a large number of transactions and for repeat customers, giving your business the option to request card, open banking or direct debit payments.


There’s no need to chase customers for their payment details. Once a card transaction is made, the card details are encrypted and safely stored. Using the transaction’s unique reference, this can be called up automatically whenever you need to charge the customer again.

Or, effortlessly send multiple, unique payment links to your customers with a simple CSV upload. Select the payment methods you want to include, and set up automatic reminders for seamless transactions.

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