Payment API.

Payment API.

Automate your processes and seamlessly integrate card, open banking, and direct debit payments into your applications using Blink's API.

Blink payment API

Your application, our invisible API.

Elevate your business and customers' experience with Blink APIs working seamlessly in the background.

The power of data.

Analyse your real-time payment data to make informed business decisions, providing effectiveness of your payment options.

Safer payments.

We use advanced API encryption to safeguard your customers' confidential payment information.

Integration is simple.

Blink's low-code APIs are designed to make the integration as straightforward as possible. You can integrate a payment process into your software and go live with us in less than a week, without the need for months of development.

Hassle-free onboarding.

We designed our payment API with your developers in mind. Our goal is to make integration easy, and our product team is available for assistance.

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