A partnership with Blink to simplify payments for you and your clients

In a world where businesses strive to thrive, one crucial aspect remains constant: the need to get paid. The quest for seamless and efficient payment solutions is ever-present, from e-commerce stores to insurance brokers, subscription-based platforms and businesses across all verticals.

Blink is proud to work with more than 100 partners today. With Blink by your side, you can have comfort knowing your clients have a market leading UK payments provider. Say goodbye to payment headaches and high fees, and say hello to a world of simplified transactions and getting paid securely.

What sets us apart?

We've combined over 25 years of payment experience with invaluable feedback from our clients. The result? A platform that offers multiple payment options, complete visibility, personalisation, and tailored support.

6,000 clients have chosen us as their trusted provider because we refuse to think like traditional merchant services providers.

We're not just another payment provider – we're a game-changer.

How do we simplify payments?

We have defined payments into four key areas:


We provide our clients with a wide range of payment options, elevating consumer confidence by leaving behind outdated payment techniques. With our innovative platform, your clients can:

  • Effortlessly send invoices with payment links and auto reminders to pay
  • Take over the phone payments through our virtual terminal (whilst having comfort they are PCI compliant)
  • Process batch payments with ease,
  • Receive eCommerce payments
  • Have the correct card terminals for face-to-face transactions.


Knowing how much money is coming in is crucial for business. Our clients gain the power to delve into their transaction status, effortlessly generate and schedule reports, and seamlessly reconcile to their company's bank account or accounting software. With these capabilities, your clients can experience a new level of accuracy and gain invaluable visibility into their entire payment operation.

Customer centre

We give clients the power to tailor their Blink payment pages and storefronts to captivate their customers. With the ability to easily customise and personalise their payment experience, they can create a seamless and engaging journey for their end customers. Ultimately, this accelerates the payment process and ensures delightful customer engagement. While managing customer subscriptions and optimising their overall brand presence, they can unlock Blink's full potential and revolutionise how they get paid.

Payment operations

We've created a seamless experience for our clients, empowering them to effortlessly access their account information, manage users, and enjoy 24/7 support features. With Blink, clients have the power to take full control of your account.

Integrated software

Furthermore, we offer seamless integration with our partners' software through our REST API, enabling your clients to efficiently manage their payment processes directly within your software. This integration not only allows them to access Blink's core functionalities but also provides them with the flexibility to customise solutions according to their specific business needs.

Some of our partners have used this to enhance their software and provide better customer service. Instead of leaving their system and going to Blink, they can integrate the virtual terminal to accept card payments quickly and easily over the phone.

They can also generate and send fully trackable payment links directly through their software via email, text, or as attachments to invoices. And the best part is, with our open API, clients can view all pending and completed transactions within their accounting software.

Partnering with Blink opens up a world of possibilities for simplifying payments for both you and your clients. With our innovative payment options, comprehensive reporting capabilities, customizable payment pages, and seamless integration through our REST API, you can revolutionise how you get paid and enhance your overall business operations.

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