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Blink and you've been paid: Decoding the rapid adoption of Apple Pay and Google Pay

In the digital era, convenience is paramount. Blink is making one-touch payment a reality by integrating Apple Pay and Google Pay into our payment links and Blink pages. They operate like other card payments, featuring options such as refunds, verification, and reruns.

A new era of transaction.

Apple Pay and Google Pay have revolutionised transactions, offering smooth, secure, and fast payment solutions. As a merchant, adopting these digital wallets means stepping into the future. They enhance the customer experience by offering a seamless payment process, increasing sales and customer retention.

The Blink, Apple Pay, and Google Pay trio.

Now, picture this: You're an online retailer. You embed a Blink page on your site. A customer swoons over your products and decides to purchase. They're smoothly redirected to this secure Blink page, with Apple Pay or Google Pay available, they bypass the tedious task of manual card entry. The payment process becomes as easy as snapping your fingers!

Apple Pay and Google Pay make payments easier. With Apple Pay, transactions are a scan of your customer’s Touch ID or Face ID away. Google Pay turns your Android device into a digital wallet, allowing secure transactions with a single tap. These options attract tech-savvy consumers, increasing customer satisfaction, higher sales, and fewer abandoned carts.

Benefits of using digital wallets.

Improved customer experience: By providing these popular payment options, businesses can enhance the customer experience through a fast, secure, and convenient checkout process. This can foster customer loyalty and boost repeat business.

Increased sale: The added convenience and security of these payment methods can help businesses increase sales and decrease the number of abandoned carts.

Enhanced security: These payment methods incorporate additional security features, such as tokenisation and biometric authentication. These features can help minimise the risk of fraud and chargebacks.

Access to valuable customer data: Apple Pay and Google Pay offer businesses access to valuable customer data. This data can be utilised to enhance marketing strategies and personalise the customer experience.

The popularity of mobile payments.

Mobile payments are increasingly popular. A YouGov survey revealed that 21% of UK adults have used Apple Pay or Google Pay, with 56% of those who haven't are keen to try them.

A study by PYMNTS found that UK merchants that accepted Apple Pay had an average conversion rate of 77%, compared to 54% for those who did not.

Transport for London (TFL) has incorporated Apple Pay and Google Pay into its services. Commuters can use these digital wallets for journeys across all TFL services, streamlining the ticketing process and enhancing convenience. Instead of physical tickets or Oyster cards, users simply tap their phone or smartwatch on card readers to pay for their journey.

In conclusion, the widespread use of mobile payments in the UK, coupled with the potential for increased conversion rates and sales, makes offering payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay a strategic decision for UK-based businesses.

These payment options are readily available on Blink, enhancing the versatility and convenience of our platform. Our Support team is available to help with any queries.

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