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Blink plans for growth: announcing new Director of Operations, Liam Jones

Today Blink are pleased to announce the promotion of Liam Jones, Head of Human Resources, to Director of Operations, effective from 1st January 2023.

Liam joined Blink back in February 2018 as a Customer Support Manager, back when Blink was previously known as Fidelity Payment, primarily providing card payment solutions to clients.  

Over the years, Blink transitioned into a Fintech, in parallel, Liam further developed in his career and has grown significantly, having held various senior roles across operations and human resources. He supported Blink in tackling challenging times, including COVID-19 demonstrating capability and how he will continue to bring success.  

Liam has years of experience in the industry; he is a great leader, strategist, and mentor and is ready to take Blink to new heights.

The Sales Director of Blink, Karan Mehta said.....

''I can only say that I am privileged to have seen Liam Jones ascend through his career. Seldom, does one come across a mature thinker, coupled with a razor-sharp mind and attention to detail in a young professional. These were Liam's traits many years ago when he was first venturing into management. Those traits have further developed, and he is destined for great things. We are fortunate to have him as part of our leadership team.  Personally, I am fortunate, to have been part of the journey.''

As part of the new role, Liam will assist the Company’s Board of Directors, overseeing the day-to-day operations, strengthening the senior management team, and providing support to mentor the people at Blink to excel. Liam will be instrumental in helping Blink to streamline operational and business processes to deliver the ethos behind Blink; The commitment to continually ‘explore the possible’ by constantly challenging convention, innovating and utilising the latest technology.

Liam Jones shares his excitement for his next chapter at Blink

''We have an amazing team here at Blink, and I truly believe in bringing the most out of each and every employee here. Ensuring the company is aligned and communicating well is vital, and I’m excited to bring everyone together and see significant growth. We are going to raise the bar in 2023, and I can’t wait to see all the great successes that we will all have.”

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