Hidden gems: 5 features you didn't know Blink had

We think we're an open book but maybe not. Most of you know our key functions, but you might not know us as well as you thought. Here are some hidden gems designed to enhance your payment process and give your customers a better user experience. Let's dive in!

1.Custom receipt sign-offs

Everyone loves a personal touch, right? 

You can add your personalised message to every receipt generated on Blink. Adding this will help your business align your tone of voice and brand identity, ensuring you provide a consistent experience throughout each touch point.

2. The API's ability

This one is a game-changer! Our new payment link API lets you fully integrate our payment link functionality (including reminders) into your applications or systems.
When integrated into existing systems, the API streamlines and automates the process of sending payment links, resulting in improved efficiency and workflow.

3. Call-back URL

The call-back URL feature allows us to send Blink transaction data to a specific URL chosen by you.

We send the customer's name, email, transaction reference and transaction time. Receiving this information can help you manage your system and stay on top of your payments.

Other benefits include:

Real-time payment updates

Knowing when each payment is made throughout the day allows you to update your systems, notify customers and take further actions promptly. 

Custom workflows

Once payment has been made and you are updated through the call-back URL notification, you can trigger specific actions such as confirmation emails and overall next steps, providing a faster and better customer experience. 

Enhanced payment security

You can verify payment details in real time by receiving an instant notification. Helping you cross-check the received data within your records before proceeding with the order. 

4. Scheduled reporting

Using your saved searches in Blink card transactions, you can schedule daily, weekly, monthly or custom reports to be emailed to you, making your reporting more efficient.

How does this help: 

Saves time
Automating the reporting functions allows you to use your time effectively.

Business insight
By utilising the report scheduling functionality and analysing trends, get business insights to make informed business decisions.

Extensive filtration process
Have complete visibility of all customers and transactions; you can find particular customers/transactions.

5. Payment link reminders

Do you often find yourself constantly reminding your customers to make their payments? It can be tedious and time-consuming, but you can set up automatic reminders when sending payment links within Blink.

With this feature, you can choose how often you would like the reminders to go out and sit back while the system takes care of the rest. The reminders will automatically stop once your customers have made their payments, so you don't have to worry about sending unnecessary reminders. This simple yet effective solution can help streamline your payment process and save you valuable time.

Now our cards are out in the open, we hope, you can make the most of your Blink account.

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