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The future of payments

Get Paid with Open Banking on Blink

Open banking is an industry-leading technology that has signs of strong growth and adoption in the UK: 64% of adults are expected to adopt open banking by the end of 2022

-PwC The UK

Charged at 0.75% per transaction

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Provide a better payment experience for your customers

With access to open banking, your customers are given the most up-to-date form of transacting, providing a contemporary experience to your brand.

Open banking is quick, easy, and low cost. The entire transaction is carried out through online banking.

Rather than entering any account information, payments hit the business account directly from the customer's account with a few simple taps.

It's that seamless.

What is Open Banking?

Quick and Simple

Can't wait to take payments on Blink? Get set up instantly with open banking and start taking transactions today. It's super easy to get started.


Fewer cases of fraud as authentication is required for each payment. Consumers trust their online banking and feel more confident when purchasing.

Faster Cashflow

No more waiting around for your funds to settle. Move over to real-time funding, giving you instant access to your finances as soon as the payment is accepted.

Why use Open Banking?

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Ben Cohen

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Open banking in a nutshell

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