Customer centre.

Customer centre.

Our customer centre is designed to make your payments management experience as seamless and efficient as possible.

Complete control.

Access and modify your Blink payment pages, customise your virtual shopfronts, and manage customer subscriptions.

Choose payment rails

Select which payment rails to accept on individual Blink pages.

Customer confidence

Blink allows you to create a virtual storefront to establish trust with your customers.

Brand consistency

Make your brand instantly recognisable to your customers with Blink.

A brand you can trust.

Improve customer experience by providing branded payment options


Your customers will feel confident providing payment information on a payment page with your logo


Branded payment options provide customers with a sense of security


Reinforce your brand in your customers mind, providing brand recognition sublimely


Customers are more likely to complete a payment on a page that has a recognisable logo and branding to them


Choose the sender name of your SMS pay links, so your customers can recognize they are from you. Edit the fields to show on your payment pages to provide a seamless customer experience.


Manage all of your direct debits customers and repeat payments in one place. Monitor, manage and create new payments with a few taps.

Create your free account and start selling more.

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