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Take your business up a gear, with payments in a Blink.

With Blink, everything from card payments to payment links and Direct Debits is managed in one simple platform. Our support team is always on hand via live chat, phone and email.

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Don't let payment processes hold back your business. Blink work with motor retailers, tyre fitters and workshops, providing safe, secure and innovative payment solutions

Easily handle payments via card, recurring payments, and up to the minute solutions, like payment links.

Deliver an enhanced customer experience by allowing customers to pay how, when, and where suits them.

Boost cash flow, by making payments fast and simple.

Keep full control and oversight of your payments.

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The engine driving your payments.

Help customers spread the cost

Scheduled card payments help clients spread the cost of large insurance excesses and keep your cash flow strong.

Reduce risk of damage to
mobile card machines

If you need to take payments while you’re out on the road, Payment Links can be sent directly to your customer’s phone.

Keep payments flowing even
when you’re closed

Blink payment pages can be added to your website quickly, so you can take deposits and payments out of hours, such as for car deposits.

A simpler way to handle
service plans

Recurring card payments can remove the need for complex financial agreements around service plans.

Deliver a faster, smoother customer experience

A joined-up payment platform means your customers can pay in advance, like when their vehicle has been serviced, just collect their keys, and go!

Secure and transparent

Enhanced security protects you and your customers against fraud, and you have a full view of payments in real-time.

“Payment links have made a world of a difference. Our customers can pay at their convenience and not just in office hours”

Sandal BMW

Paul Harris, Accountant

How we helped Sandal BMW revolutionise their payments.

A premium car dealership across two sites handling hundreds of payments a week, Sandal BMW were being held back by their previous payment provider. Issues handling payments led to reduced deposits, wasted admin hours, and an inconvenient experience for their customers. Here’s how we helped them shift gears.

Streamlined processes

Next-day funding and easy reconciliation freed up the accounts team from laborious admin.

Increased deposits taken

Customers could make payments outside of opening hours, like for car deposits, improving cash flow.

Smoother customer experience

Next-day funding and easy reconciliation freed up the accounts team from laborious admin.

Pain-free payments for the motor industry.

Changing how you handle payments might seem daunting, but
we can make it easy for you.

Supported onboarding

You’ll have a dedicated onboarding contact throughout your setup with Blink. We’ll get you using our intuitive Payment Platform fast and minimise any disruption to your business.

Powerful and quick integration

Blink Payment easily integrates with your existing payment gateway and other software. We play well with others, to help you focus on driving your business forwards.

We’re always here for you

Fed up with being stonewalled by a payment provider’s chatbot? Or waiting for your ticket to be read by their customer support? We’re payments powered by people for a reason. You can always speak to one of the team by live chat, email, or why not pick up the phone and speak to a real human being!

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